It is my sad duty to announce the passing away of B.A.E.F. Member, Mr. Herbert Hoover III on February 4, 2010.  He was the grandson of President Hoover and the cousin of our Director,  Margaret Hoover.

Mr. Herbert Hoover III, affectionately called Pete, was a very faithful Member of B.A.E.F. Inc in the Class B. While residing in California, it was not possible for him to attend the Annual Meetings of Members in New York, but we received his proxy with great fidelity.  My most pleasant encounter with him was during the inaugural days of the “Remembering Hoover” exhibit at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History and at the associated symposium in the Fondation Universitaire, both in Brussels in October 2006.

I kept two treasured “souvenirs” of this encounter. First, I gave Mr. Hoover the tie of the B.A.E.F. that we give to all B.A.E.F. Fellows, and he promptly took off his Hoover Institution tie and gave it to me.
Second, I have a fine photograph of the two of us, in front of the section of the “Remembering Hoover” exhibit that was devoted to the C.R.B. Educational Foundation, renamed Belgian American Educational Foundation in 1938. 

Herbert Hoover III

With our most sincere feelings of sympathy to the Hoover family.

Emile Boulpaep.

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