Non-renewable Grants for Graduate study or for Research in the U.S.A.                                       

Fellowships for Graduate study for non MBA

Two-year Fellowships for an initial Master's degree (2 years)

non renewable grant for two academic years: 
- for the first year of the Master's programs up to $60,000 (stipend: $20,000 & tuition:$40,000)           - for the second year of the Master's programs up to $ 40,000 for tuition and health insurance, subject to obtaining an outstanding GPA for the first year. 

Graduate study & Ph.D. (9 months)

non renewable grant for one academic year (nine months)
up to $ 48,000 for Master's programs (stipend: $18,000 & tuition: $30,000)                                       up to $ 60,000 for Ph.D.programs (stipend: $20,000 & tuition: $40,000) 
and health insurance  

Music study (9 months)

non renewable grant for one academic year (nine months)
stipend: $18,000 & tuition: up to $30,000
and health insurance 

Fellowships for Research (12 months) 

Doctoral & post-doctoral Research

non-renewable grants for one year (twelve months) stipend of:
- $27,000 for doctoral  fellows                                                                                                             - $45,000 for post-doctoral fellows
and health insurance  

Biomedical Engineering Research - Henri Benedictus Fund

non-renewable grants for one year (twelve months) stipend of:                                                         - $45,000 for post-doctoral fellows in Biomedical engineering and health insurance  

Fellowships for MBA or similar Management degrees (up to 24 months)  

MBA or similar Management degrees

conditional grants of up to $100,000 as interest-free loans which must be repaid within five years after graduation.

or an outright grant of 50 000 euro as the Gustave Boël-Sofina MBA Fellowship

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