Mr BERLINER, David, ULB, David & Alice van Buuren Fellow, Post-doctoral Research in Anthropology, Harvard U
Ms BERNHEIM, Nele, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, MA in Museum Studies: costumes and textiles, New York Fashion Institute of Technology
Dr BIEMAR, Frédéric, ULg, Honorary Fellow, Post-doctoral res. in the field of development  biology, UC Berkeley
Mr BLAVIER, Laurent, ULg, Francqui Foundation Fellow, LLM, Havard U
Mr BLOCK, Philippe, VUB, Hoover Brussels, MS in Architecture, MIT
Dr. BOGAERTS, Annemie, UA, Alumni Award, ,
Mr BOURGEOIS, Karel, KULeuven, , LLM, U of Chicago
Dr BRASPENNING, Thierry, UCL, F. Van Brée  of the Hoover Foundation Louvain Fellow, Post-doctoral research in International Relations, Havard U
Ms BULINCKX, Noëmie, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, LLM, NYU
Dr BULTYNCK, Geert, KULeuven, Collen Research Foundation Fellow, Postdoctoral research: physiological roles of calcineurin, Stanford U
Dr. BUYLAERT, Frederik-Benjamin, UGent, RUG Fellow, MA in Early Modern European History, Columbia U
Dr BYTTEBIER, Stephanie, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, PhD in American Literature, Boston U
Dr CALLEWAERT, Kristof, UGent, Henri Benedictus Fellow, Postdotoral research: polymer biochemistry- biomaterials, UCLA Dept of Organic Chemistry
Mr CLOSE, Gaël, ULg, National Lottery Fellow, MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford U
Ms COOLS, Sofie, KULeuven, Francqui Foundation Fellow, LLM, Harvard U
Mr CORNELIS, Cedric, UCL, * 2003-2005, MBA, Northwestern U Kellog School of Management
Ms DAENINCK, Yolande, UCL, van Itallie Fellow, MS in Public Relations, Boston U
Ms DE BOECK, Jessica, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LLM : Financial and Economic Law, Columbia U
Ms DECONINCK, Heleen, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LLM, NYU
Dr DELAIGLE, Aurore, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation, Postdoctoral research in statistics, U of California Davis
Mr DE LILLE, Jesse, UA, Fernand Collin & Luc Wauters Fellow, PhD in Economics (financial and international economics), Northwestern U
Mr DEMEYERE, Bruno, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LLM, Harvard U
Prof. Dr DEROOSE, Christophe, KULeuven, Henri Benedictus Fellow, Research on Molecular Imaging, part of a PhD in Medical Sci, Stanford U
Mr DILLIES, Jimmy, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation, PhD in Mathematics: complex Algebraic Geometry (3rd year), U of Pennsylvania
Dr DONNERS, Helen, VUB, Philips Fellow, Post-doct. research: generating human monoclonal antibodies, The Scripps Research Institute
Ms DUFOUR, Fanny, ULB, Honorary Fellow with Fellowship from Boston U, PhD in Physics, Boston U
Mrs FERRERAS, Isabelle, UCL, Honorary Fellow, MA in Political Science, MIT
Mr GALOPPO VON BORRIES, Nicolas, KULeuven, francqui Foundation Fellow, PhD in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering, U of North Carolina
Dr GEORLETTE, Daphné, ULg, Collen research Foundation, Post-doct. research in virology/immunology, UC San Francisco
Dr GHEERARDYN, Raphael, UCL, H. Van Waeyenbergh of the Hoover Foundation Leuven, Research in Tissue engineering, Harvard U
Mr GHEKIERE, Stijn, KULeuven, CG 2003-2004, MBA, U of Chicago
Ms GOFFIN, An, KULeuven, H. Van Waeyenbergh of the Hoover Foundation Leuven, PhD in Chemical Engineering, stanford
Dr GORIS, Johan, UGent, Collen Research Foundation Fellow, Post-doctoral research: DNA microarrays for microbiological, Michigan State U(center of Microbial Ecology
Mr HAN, Joon, ULB, Clearly Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Fellow, LLM: Antitrust and International Law, NYU
Dr HENSEN, Karen, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Post-doctoral research in Biomedical Sciences, U of Massachusetts Medical School
Ms HERTOGEN, An, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LLM: Corporate and International Trade Law, Columbia U
Ms HERTVELDT, Sabine, UGent, UGent Fellow, LLM: Corporate and International Law, Columbia U
Dr INOWLOCKI, Sabrina, ULB, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Post doctoral research, Harvard U
Mr JAUME, Sylvain, UCL, Honorary Fellow, Post doctoral research in Biomedical Engineering, MIT
Ms LEBOIS, Maude, ULg, Honorary Fellow, LLM, Harvard U
Mr LEROUX-ROELS, Frederik, MUSIC, Van Itallie Fellow, Guitar Performance & Jazz Composition, New School U New York
Ms LIEBERT, Ninke, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, LLM in Law Technology and Sciences, NYU
Dr LOUSSE, Virginie, FUNDP, , Post-doct. res. nonlinear optics invoving photonic crystals, Stanford U
Dr LUTTUN, Aernout, KULeuven, Collen Research Foundation Fellow & Emile Boulpaep Fellow, Post-doct res. biomedical res. evaluating the role of MAPC, U of Minnesota Twin Cities
Mr LYBEER, Edward, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, M or PhD in African-American Studies, Columbia U
Dr MATAGNE, Valérie, ULg, Collen Research Foundation & Francqui Foundation Fellow, Post-doct. res.: screening overexpressed genes-Rett syndrome, Oregon Health & Science U
Ms MEGALLY, Mariam, ULB, CG 2003-2005, MBA, Harvard U
Dr MONIOTTE, Stéphane, UCL, Philippe T. Capiau Fellow, Post-doc. res. in Pediatric cardiology on the use of MRI, Harvard U
Dr NAGLER, Bob, VUB, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Post-doc. res. high energy photonics, particle accelarators, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mr OOMS, Alexandre, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LLM: International taxation, NYU
Ms PEETERS, Liesbeth, KULeuven, CG 2003-2005, MBA, MIT
Dr PEPERSTRAETE, Bernard, KULeuven, CG 2003-2005, MBA, Harvard U
Mr PESTIAUX, Julien, UCL, Albert & Evelyn Jadot Charitable Trust Fellow, M in Energy and Resources, Cornell U
Mr PROOST, Stijn, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, MBA, U of Chicago
Ms SANSEN, Marjan, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, MS in Architecture and Urban Design, Columbia U
Dr SAPUNARIC, Frederic, ULg, Collen Research Foundation Fellow & BAEF-75 Fellow, Post-doctoral research in Microbiology, Tufts Center for Adaptation Genetics and Drug Resistance
Ms STOFFELS, Carine, UA, Honorary Fellow, LLM in Inernational Taxation, Harvard U
Ms VAN ACHTER, Cieltje, KULeuven, national Lottery Fellow, MA in International Relations (2nd year), Johns Hopkins U Washington
Ms VAN BELLE, Sarie, UGent, Ugent Fellow, PhD in Biological Sciences, U of Wisconsin- Madison Dept of Anthropology
Dr VANDENBERGHE, Stefaan, UGent, UGent Fellow, Postdoc. research in the field of Monte Carlosimulations, U of Masssachusetts
Mr VAN DEN BORREN, Cedric, ULB, Francqui Foundation Fellow, LLM, Harvard U
Mr VAN DEN BROEK, Korneel, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, PhD in Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers The State U of New Jersey
Dr WALLAERT, Hélène, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Post doct. Research in Anthropology, U of Mexico Albuquerque

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