Rules for the Alumni Award

I. Goal, amount

Art. 1. An Alumni Award is established, it will be referred to as "Award".

Art. 2. The Award will be granted every year to Belgian researchers or to researchers who are affiliated with a Belgian university since at least two years.

Art. 3. The Award can neither be divided nor granted twice to the same person.

II. The candidates

Art. 4. The Award is granted to researchers whose scientific merits are evidenced by high-quality work. The applicants may not have reached the age of 36 on December 31 of the year the Award is granted.

Art. 5. The Award is rotated among various scientific disciplines over a period of five years as follows:

Year 1: the human sciences, including philosophy, religious and ethical sciences, languages, literature, history, history of art and archeology;
Year 2: the social sciences, including law, political science, economics, applied economics, sociology, communication, journalism, psychology and education;
Year 3: the exact sciences, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, geology, physical geography and astronomy;
Year 4: the biomedical sciences, including biological sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, microbiology, ecology, zoology, botanics, agriculture, medicine and pharmacy;
Year 5: the applied sciences, including materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, construction engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.

The above list aims to include all scientific activities in basic and applied research. The definitions of the disciplines are not restrictive.

Art. 6. B.A.E.F. announces the competition for the Award yearly to the universities and to the faculties of the appropriate scientific discipline.

Art. 7. Candidates must submit their application to B.A.E.F. before the deadline set by the Alumni Award Committee.                                                                                                                              The application must include the two following documents:

 - a one-page summary of his/her complete scientific work,                                                             - his/her curriculum vitae (in word format) including a list of publications and the link to a personal professional website if existing

III. Selection procedure

Art. 8. The Alumni Award Committee appoints the members of the jury every year. The jury can co-opt a maximum of four additional members with the consent of the Alumni Award Committee. Moreover, the jury can invite any person for consultation.

Art. 9. The jury must examine the files of the applicants.

Art. 10. Selection of the winner of the award requires a quorum of two thirds of the members of the jury. The jury decides by simple majority of the members present. An abstention is taken as a negative vote. In case of parity of votes, the vote of the chairman decides. The decision of the jury is final.

Art. 11. The jury may decide not to grant the Award.

Art. 12. The jury submits the name of the awardee and a brief motivation of its decision to the office of B.A.E.F.  by the end of May.

IV. Annoucement of the award

Art. 13. B.A.E.F. announces the motivated decision of the jury.

V. General clause

Art. 14. Any issue not covered by the present Rules will be resolved by the Alumni Award Committee.


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