Fellowships for a MBA degree in the US

Deadline before May 1st!

The B.A.E.F. announces Fellowships for a 2 year full-time MBA degree in the U.S.A. of up to            $ 100.000 payable over a period of two academic years 2020-2022 for Belgian citizen admitted for an MBA at a recognized US Business School:                                                                                         ·   ½ of the support will be an outright grant;
      ·  ½ of the support will be an interest-free loan which must be repaid within five years after                      graduation.   

Gustave Boël-Sofina outright grant in the amount of 50 000 euro will be awarded for tuition and compulsory fees of the first 2020-2021 academic year of study. 

Further information on the eligibility requirements and application procedure

or mail@baef.be 

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