B.A.E.F.  Executive Director

January 2016, the Board of Directors of the BAEF has unanimously endorsed the recommendation of the Search Committee to designate Thomas Simon (Boat of 1987) as Executive Director of the BAEF.

The creation of a part-time Executive Director position is fully in line with the recommendations of the Strategic Planning Committee approved by the Board on October 13, 2015.

Thomas Simon holds a Licence in Theoretical Physics from ULB and an MBA from Harvard as BAEF Fellow. After 13 years at McKinsey & Co, he started his own consulting firm focusing on public issues such as urban development, research and education.

Thomas has been a long-lasting member of the BAEF MBA Selection Committee and an active member of the BAEF Alumni Committee in Belgium.


Thomas also serves on the Board of various institutions such as: Institute for Infrastructure Environment and Innovation, Korei vzw, Henry van de Velde foundation, Gatti de Gamond foundation, Universitas Ltd and ULB foundation.


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