Alumni give back to B.A.E.F.             

The BAEF Alumni Committee has taken the initiative to launch an Alumni Fellowship through crowdfunding on an annual basis. The aim is to get a maximum number of Alumni involved, each contributing even a small amount, in order to provide collectively a young talented individual with the same opportunity as we benefited from: a BAEF Fellowship.         

Be part of it ... and help make this new Alumni Fellowship possible. Start making a donation this year to reach the goal of 30.000 which will be matched by the Foundation from its general fund.

Donations can be made to the "Friends of B.A.E.F. Fund"  account by the King Baudouin Foundation. Donations of 40 and more are tax deductible.

For our Alumni in the USA  
Donations can be made either by bank check to the BAEF office in the US or by bank transfer with reference “Alumni Fellowship” .  

Thank you.

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