Apply to the B.A.E.F.

First, read carefully the eligibility requirements for our fellowships.

B.A.E.F. Eligibility screening

Should you comply and decide to apply for one of our fellowships, fill out and submit the online Eligibility screening form .
Your eligibility will be checked and if complying the BAEF secretariat will provide you with the link to the BAEF online application file form which is linked to the website of the King Baudouin Foundation.

B.A.E.F. Application file

Fill in the online application file form and return it to us:

- no later than October 31 at noon for study even music or research in the U.S. during the following academic year. Reference letters will be accepted until November 15th.
- no later than May 1 for MBA or similar management degree in the USA during the following academic year.

For doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships, an invitation letter from the U.S. hosting university research center must arrive at BAEF by November 15th.

B.A.E.F. Selection procedure

Our Selection Committee pays specific attention to your academic excellence and your motivation for further study or research, so you must have a clear idea of what you are going to do in the U.S.:

graduate studies (Master or PhD),
doctoral or post-doctoral research,
or music studies at a graduate school of music. 

After October 31, the pre-selection Committee will process and assess the online application file you submitted around the end of November.
If it decides that you are eligible for a fellowship, it will invite you for a selection interview in English, to take place within the last week of January early February at our Brussels office, namely the University Foundation.   

For the candidates in Music, a specific Music Fellowship's Committee will organize the music auditions and selection interviews.

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