Non-renewable Grants for Graduate study or for Research in the U.S.A.                                       

Fellowships for Graduate study for non MBA

Two-year Fellowships for an initial Master's degree (2 years)

non renewable grant for two academic years: 
- for the first year of the Master's programs up to $60,000 (stipend: $20,000 & tuition:$40,000)           - for the second year of the Master's programs up to $ 40,000 for tuition and health insurance, subject to obtaining an outstanding GPA for the first year. 

Graduate study or Ph.D. Fellowships (9 months)

non renewable grant for one academic year (nine months)
up to $ 58,000 for Master's programs (stipend: $18,000 & tuition: $40,000)                                       up to $ 60,000 for Ph.D.programs (stipend: $20,000 & tuition: $40,000) 
and health insurance  

 LL.M. Fellowships (9 months)

 non renewable grant for one academic year (nine months)                                                              up to $ 48,000 for LL.M. programs ( stipend: $18,000 & tuition: $30,000)

Music study (9 months)

non renewable grant for one academic year (nine months)
stipend: $18,000 & tuition: up to $30,000
and health insurance

Fellowships for Research (12 months) 

Doctoral & post-doctoral Research

non-renewable grants for one year (twelve months) stipend of:
- $27,000 for doctoral  fellows                                                                                                             - $45,000 for post-doctoral fellows
and health insurance  

Biomedical Engineering Research - Henri Benedictus Fund

non-renewable grants for one year (twelve months) stipend of:                                                         - $45,000 for post-doctoral fellows in Biomedical engineering and health insurance  

Fellowships for MBA or similar Management degrees (up to 24 months)  

MBA or similar Management degrees

conditional grants of up to $100,000 as interest-free loans which must be repaid within five years after graduation.

or an outright grant of 50 000 euro as the Gustave Boël-Sofina MBA Fellowship

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