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in the US :

 Newsletters : The BAEF Alumni in the US

The BAEF Alumni in the US Newsletter, Summer 2013                                                                          

The BAEF Alumni in the US Newsletter,Winter 2012

 The BAEF Alumni in the US Newsletter, Summer 2012 

 The BAEF Alumni in the US Newsletter, Winter 2011

The BAEF Alumni in the US  Newsletter, Summer 2011 .

The BAEF Alumni in the US Newsletter, Winter 2010


in Belgium :

 The 12th Alumni reunion 2012 - to honor Prof. Emile Boulpaep for 40 years service to BAEF and 35 years as president

Academic session                                                                                                                                                - Baron Daniel Janssen       BAEF Board member
- HE Howard Gutman           US Ambassador
- Minister Pascal Smet,        Vlaams minister van Onderwijs, Jeugd, Gelijke kansen en Brussel
- Professor Mark Waer          Rector KU Leuven
- Professor Pierre Wolper    Vice-recteur à la recherche ULg, BAEF Fellow 1978
- Vincent Vliebergh                 BAEF Fellow 1992 

 "Liber Navium" pictures of BAEF boats from 1971 - 2011

Organizing Committee:                                                                                                                                    Antoon Van Coillie, Boat 1980, Thomas Simon, Boat 1987                                                       ClaireMartin, Boat 1992, Peter Grognard, Boat 1992

 Webalbum of the Academic session followed by a walking dinner

 The 11th Alumni reunion 2011 - Francqui Prize prof; dr. Pierre Vanderhaeghen, BAEF Fellow 1996

 " From Stem Cells to Brain Circuits"


The 10th Alumni reunion 2010 - 90th Anniversay of BAEF - H E Howard Gutman Ambassador of the US

The US Ambassador in Belgium & prof. Emile Boulpaep

The Alumni reunion - 90th anniversary celebration with US Ambassador Howard Gutman Brussels, November 27th, 2010


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