For the academic year 2019-2020, the Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) has provided fellowships to 104 individuals:

92 Belgian Fellows to study in the United States
11 American Fellows to study in Belgium
1 winner of the Alumni Award

The Fellows were selected competitively from a pool of brilliant applicants by a Fellowship Committee that interviews all candidates personally.

BAEF Fellows 2019


Belgian fellows 2019-2020 and American fellows 2018-2019, June 7, 2019

Mr. ADHIKARI, Sambid, UGent, Honorary Fellow, in Biophysics, UC Davis
Ms. ADRIAENSENS, Laura, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, LL.M. Human rights law, NYU
Ms./Dr. BAHREBAR, Poona, UGent, UGent Fellow, Computer Science Hardware-efficient techniques for on-chip online learning, UC Irvine; The Henry Samueli School of Engineering - Prof Nader Bagherzadeh

Mr. BARBÉ, Arthur, UGent, Cleary Gottlieb Steen Hamilton Fellow, LL.M. US law, focus on constitutional & corporate law, Harvard U.
Ms./Dr. BECKERS, Kathleen, UA, Collin-Wauters Fellow, Public opinion displays in the news, U of Washington, Seattle, Dept of Communication - Prof Patricia Moy
Mr. BER, Samuel, MUSIC, van Itallie Fellow, Music - Composition, NYU - Steinhardt - MM in Music Theory and Composition
Ms. BEUDELS, Marie, ULg, ULg Fellow, General LL.M, Harvard Law School
Dr. BOLCKMANS, Roel, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, Improving outcome after Bariatric Surgery, Virginia Commenwealth U., Dept of Surgery - Division of Bariatric and Gastrointestinal Surgery- Prof Guilherme Campos
Ms. BOLLI, Evangelia, VUB, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Responsiveness of patients to aPD-1 immunotherapy, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Prof Mikael Pittet's lab Center for Systems Biology
Mr. CALLENS, Evariest, UGent, RF, Legal aspects central clearing of derivatives, Harvard Law School - Prof Mark J. Roe and Hal S. Scott.
Mr. CASSIMAN, Jakob, KULeuven, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, Computer Sciences, Carnegie Mellon U.
Mr. COCKX, Emiel, KULeuven, National Lottery Fellow, MS in Architecture, UC Berkeley
Ms. COMER, Marie, UGent, Monique Walravens Fellow, Syntactic borrowing in Spanish and Portuguese, UC Berkeley, Dept of Linguistics -
 Prof dr. Mairi McLaughlin.
Mr. COMPAGNIE, Romain, ULg, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow GF, Computer Science, UC Los Angeles
Mr. COPMAN, Wiebe, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Film Studies, Columbia U: Film and Media Studies
Ms. DAMSKI, Lola, ULB, CG, Master of Business Administration, Stanford Graduate School of Business - Palo Alto, California
Mr. DE BELGIQUE, Joachim, Other, CG, Business School, Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. DE BIE, Felix, KULeuven, Sofina - Gustave Boël Fellow, Efficacy of sildenafil in a fetal CDH sheep model, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Center for Fetal Research, directed by Professor Doctor A.W. Flake.
Mr./Dr. DEBRUYNE, Gregory, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Mathematics, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dept of Mathematics, Number Theory Research Unit- Prof K Ford and Prof. H Diamond
Mr./Dr. DELAFONTAINE, Ramses, UGent, UGent Fellow, The use of history and history in US legal culture, Stanford U, Dept of History, Prof Dr. R. Proctor and Harvard U. Prof. Brandt
Mr. DELHEZ, Louis, ULg, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow GF, MS in Electrical & Computer engineering, UCLA
Ms. DEVAUX, Floriane, ULg, Honorary Fellow, Characterization of lens capsules, U. of Miami, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, Biomedical Atomic Force Microscopy Lab - Prof Dr. Noël Ziebarth
Ms. DEWAELE, Livia, Other, Alumni Fellow, in International Affairs,
U of Chicago

Ms. DE WIT, Marie, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Trade at the sanctuary in Early Greece, NYU, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World -Prof Barbara Kowalzig,
Mr. D'HAENE, Pierre-Henri, UCL, CG, MBA focused on Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell U - SC Johnson College of Business
Mr. DREESSEN, Gert-Jan, MUSIC, Music Fellow, Music, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

Mr. FEREMANS, Thibaut, UGent, CG, MBA - deep dive into Operations, Growth & Scaling, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern U.
Mr./Dr. FONTANARI, Thibault , UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Louvain Fellow, Ethnomusicology, Harvard U., Music Dept - Prof Richard Wolf
Ms. GILISSEN, Joni, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Core components of early palliative care in cancer, Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital at the Cancer Care Delivery Research Group - Prof Temel
Mr. GILLIS, Thomas, UCL, Albert & Evelyn Jadot Charitable Trust Fellow, A high-fidelity fluid-structure interaction solver, M.I.T.,Dept Mechanical Engineering - Pr. Wim van Rees. Science and Information Systems” and “Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering”

Ms. GOLDMUNTZ, Romane, ULB, Sofina - Gustave Boël Fellow, Data Science, Columbia U.
Ms. GRANADO ARANZANA, Jennifer , VUB, Stibbe - Ludovic De Gryse Fellow, LL.M in Employment law; procedure and practice., UC Berkeley
Mr. GRAUX, Guillaume, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, LL.M Law, U of Chicago
Mr. HAEGHEBAERT, Emiel, Other, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, MA in Security Studies, Georgetown U. School of Foreign Service
Ms. HENS, Isabelle, VUB, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Architectural Engineering, Penn State U. - Dept of Architectural Engineering
Mr. HERMANN, Yarne, UGent, National Lottery Fellow, Computer Science, Columbia U.
Ms. HUMBLET , Florence , ULB, Paul Vernel Fellow, LL.M in Arbitration, Litigation, International & US Law, Columbia U.
Mr. JANSSENS, Arno, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, LL.M in International legal studies, U. of Chicago
Ms. KERCKHOVE, Sari, UGent, GF, MS in Electrical Engineering, CalTech U.

Ms. KUNSTLER, Laura , Other, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, Master of International Affairs, Columbia U. SIPA
Ms./Dr. LANNOY, Séverine, UCL, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Emotional and reward processes in binge drinking, Stanford U. school of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences - Prof E Sullivan
Ms. LAPORTE, Samantha, UCL, UCLouvain Fellow, English linguistics, Learner Corpus Research, UC Santa Barbara, dept of Linguistics - Prof. Stefan Th. Gries
Mr. LAVAL, Florent, ULg, ULg Fellow, to functionally and structurally dissect the role(s) of a histone deacetylase(HDAC) protein complex involved in yeast transcriptional regulation, Harvard MS, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Systems Biology - Prof. Marc Vidal
Mr. LUYCKX, Jeroen, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Art History, Columbia U, Dept of Art History and Archeology - Professor David Freedberg and Em Professor Larry Silver (UPenn)
Mr. MADDENS  TOSCANO, Pedro Manuel, Other, , Technology and Policy, M.I.T.: Technology and Policy Program (2018-2020)
Mr. MARTENS, Reuben, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, Comparative/English Literature, Film Studies, UCLA, Dept of English - Sup Prof. Ursula K. Heise, Marcia H. Howard
Mr. MELLAB, Sebastian, Other, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, LL.M Law, Harvard U.
Ms. MOREAU, Elisabeth, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, History of Science, Princeton U., Dept of History - Prof Keith Wailoo
Mr. MUBAGWA, Akonkwa, UCL, CG, Master in Business, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
Mr. NGUYEN, Kévin, VUB, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Semi-classical entropy in gauge theories, Harvard U., Dept of Physics/Black Hole Initiative - Prof Andrew Strominger
Ms./Dr. NIJST, Petra, UHasselt/LUC, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research in heart failure, Cleveland Clinic, Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine,Section Heart Failure - Prof Miriam Jacob
Mr. NOENS, Tim, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, The search for a new identity: Nabokov's novels., The U. of Fordham, Dept of English - Prof Thomas O'Donnell
Mr. NSHIMYUMUREMYI, Jean-Boris, UCL, Honorary Fellow, Development of agonists for human orexin receptors, The U of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,Dept of Biochemistry - Prof. Jef De Brabander
Mr. PARMENTIER, Klaas, KULeuven, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, Theoretical Physics, Columbia U.
Ms./Dr. PEERS DE NIEUWBURGH, Maureen, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Louvain Fellow, Fetal growth restriction using extrauterine device, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Fetal Research Center - Prof Alan W. Flake
Mr. PEETERS, Jonas, UA, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, Data Science, NYU
Ms. PINSEEL, Eveline, UGent, UGent Fellow, The salinity stress response in diatoms, U of Arkansas , Dept of Biological Sciences - Prof Andrew J. Alverson
Ms. POELAERT, Katrien, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Viral Transmission within Neurons, Temple U. Health, Fox Chase Cancer Center - Prof Dr. Glenn Rall
Mr. POPPE, Sam, VUB, PDF, Analog volcano geodesy, Pennsylvania State U.,InSAR Geodesy & Geohazards Laboratory, Department of Geosciences - Prof C Wauthier
Ms. RADERMECKER, Anne-Sophie, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Selling and Buying Artworks 'Without Names', Duke U., Duke Art, Law & markets ( DALMI) - Prof Hans J. van Miegroet
Mr./Dr. ROMIJN, Francois, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Genomic practices as a socio-cultural object, The U. of Wisconsin , Dept of Sociology - Prof Joan H. Fujimura

Ms. SCHEERENS, Charlotte, UGent, UGent Fellow, Palliative care communication trainings, UCSF, Division Geriatrics -Prof R. Sudore ;Brighman and Women's Hospital and the Harvard U. T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Ariadne Labs - Prof Erik Fromme
Mr. SCHEUER, Adrien, UCL, Sofina - Gustave Boël Fellow, Applied mathematics, MIT, Dept of Mathematics - Prof. Laurent Demanet's Imaging and Computing Group

Ms. SERON, Carine, ULg, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, General LL.M, Harvard U.
Ms./Dr. SMETS, Wenke, UA, Philips Fellow, Ecology of the microbial phyllosphere communities, UC Berkeley, Dept of Integrative Biology - Prof.B Koskella
Mr. STEFANI, Giacomo, UCL, CG, Master in Business Administration, Harvard BS
Mr. STEFANI, Giuseppe, UCL, Sofina - Gustave Boël Fellow, MBA Program / General Management, Harvard Business School
Ms. STIPULANTI, Manon, ULg, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Fine theorems and applications to Pascal triangles, Hofstra U., Dept of Mathematics - Prof Eric Rowland
Dr. STRUYVEN, Robbert, KULeuven, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, in Data Science, Harvard U (2dyr)
Ms. TIXHON, Justine, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LL.M International Legal Studies, Georgetown U.
Ms./Dr. VAN CANT, Marit, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, A biomolecular investigation of ancient pathogens, Stanford U. - Dept of Anthropology - Prof K Seetah
Mr. VAN DAMME, Jacques, UGent, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, in Physics-Quantum Computing, U of Wisconsin-Madison
Mr. VANDEKERCKHOVE, Tom, UGent, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, in Engineering Physics, Cornell U.
Mr. VANDEN ABEELE, Samuel, ULB, PDF, Evolutionary history of monodominant forests, Cornell U. CALS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Plant Biology Section - Prof. Chelsea Specht

Mr. VAN DEN BERGE, Koen, UGent, UGent Fellow, Data analysis methods for single-cell RNA-seq data, UC Berkeley, Dept of Statistics - Prof Sandrine Dudoit
Ms. VAN DEN BOGAERT, Sina, KULeuven, H. Van Waeyenbergh of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Leuven Fellow, Sanctions and Damages in EU Non-Discrimination Law, Michigan U. Law School- Prof Daniel Halberstam and Prof Eric Stein
Mr. VANDER STRAETEN, Aurélien, UCL, UCLouvain Fellow, HIV immunization via new antigen release profiles, MIT, Dept of Chemical, Biological and Mechanical Engineering - Prof Robert Langer
Mr./Dr. VAN DIJCK, Cedric, UGent, BAEF-75 Fellow, English and Comparative Literature, Yale U., Dept of Comparative Literature - Prof. Katie Trumpener
Mr. VAN DOOSSELAERE, Guillaume, UCL, Paul Vernel Fellow, LL.M Law, Human Rights, Columbia U.
Mr. VAN GIJSEGHEM, Wouter, Other, Sofina - Gustave Boël Fellow, Aerospace Engineering, Stanford U (2d yr)
Mr. VAN HAVER, Stéphane, UGent, Honorary Fellow, to develop and characterize a human embryonic stem cell derived neuroblastoma model to study tumorigenesis and elucidate dependency genes and pathways., Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC, NY) - MD. Stephen Roberts as well as with Prof. MD. Alex Kentsis and Prof. MD. Lorenz Studer
Mr. VAN HOORICK, Basile, UGent, Ernest du Bois Fund Fellow, in Computer Science, Columbia U.
Dr. VANHOVE, Thomas, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, Costimulatory blockade in renal transplantation, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Transplant Nephrology, Prof Hannah Gilligan
Mr. VANNEROM, David, ULB, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons with IceCube, M.I.T., Dept of physics - Group of Professor J. Conrad
 , based at the Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center
Mr. VAN REGEMORTEL, Mathias, UA, , Theoretical physics (Quantum physics), U. of Maryland, Joint Quantum Institute - Prof Mohammad Hafezi
Dr. VERBRUGGE, Frederik, UHasselt/LUC, Emile Boulpaep Fellow, Effects of cardiac pacing on exercise hemodynamics, Mayo Clinic, Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine -Prof Dr. Barry A. Borlaug
Ms. VERDIKT, Roxane, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Environmental epigenetics in germ cells, UCLA, Institute for Society & Genetics - Prof Patrick Allard

Ms. VERHAEGEN, Lene, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, LL.M in Company Law, U. of Chicago
Ms. VERMEIRE, Florence, UGent, PDF, Computer Assisted Organic Synthesis Planning, MIT- Dept of Chemical Engineering - Prof. W Green
Dr. VERVOORT, Dominique, KULeuven, National Lottery Fellow, Public Health with Global Health Concentration, Johns Hopkins U. - Carey Business School
Dr. VISSERS, Mathias, KULeuven, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Translational Medicine, UC Berkeley/ UCSF joint program
Ms. VON THÜNGEN-REICHENBACH, Clara, Other, van Itallie Fellow, LL.M in International Law, Harvard U.

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