For the academic year 2018-2019, the Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) has provided fellowships to 98 individuals:

85 Belgian Fellows to study in the United States
12 American Fellows to study in Belgium
1 winner of the Alumni Award

The Fellows were selected competitively from a pool of brilliant applicants by a Fellowship Committee that interviews all candidates personally.

BAEF Fellows 2018


Belgian fellows 2018-2019 and American fellows 2017-2018, June 1, 2018

Mr./Dr. ALLOUL, Houssine, UA, Honorary Fellow, Consuls and foreign capital in the Ottoman Empire., Columbia U., Dept of History - Prof Mark Mazower
Mr. BECKERS, Diederik, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, UCLA
Ms./Dr. BELLEMANS, Aurélie, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoc res in Plasma-assisted combustion for cleaner engines, U. of Texas, Dept of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics in the Cockrell School of Engineering, Reactive Flow Modeling Laboratory (RFML)
Mr. BERNAERDTS, Remco, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Public and International Human Rights Law, U. of Virginia
Dr. BITTREMIEUX, Wout, UA, Philips Fellow, Prediction of mass spectrometry spectral libraries, U. of Washington,School of Medecine Seattle, WA; Department of Genome Sciences, Prof William Noble
Ms./Dr. BOLANDER, Johanna , KULeuven, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Develop a regenerative construct by 3D printing., Wake Forest School of Medicine,NC; Institute for Regenerative Medicine - Prof Anthony Atala
Ms./Dr. BOONE, Morgane, UGent, UGent Fellow, Postdoc res: Molecular basis of brain injury-induced dementia, UC San Francisco, The Regents of UCSF, Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Prof. Peter Walter
Mr./Dr. BOSSUYT, Juliaan, KULeuven, H. Van Waeyenbergh of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Leuven Fellow, Experimental study of floating wind farms, Portland State U., Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Prof R Bayoan Cal
Mr. BOSTOEN, Friso, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. in Competition law, technology and economics, Harvard U.
Ms. CALLE, Delphine, UGent, UGent Fellow, Friendship in C17-French literature and thought, Rutgers U., Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences,Dept of French  - Prof. Jennifer Tamas
Mr. CAPRASSE, Francois, ULB, National Lottery Fellow, M in Business Analytics, MIT Management Sloan School
Mr. CASSIMAN, Jakob, KULeuven, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, Computer Sciences, Carnegie Mellon U.
Mr. CLAEYS, Pieter, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoc res: Integrability in periodically driven systems, Boston U., Dept of Physics, Condensed Matter Theory Group - Prof. Anatoli Polkovnikov
Mr. COCKX, Emiel, KULeuven, National Lottery Fellow, MS in Architecture, UC Berkeley
Ms./Dr. COMBLAIN, Fanny, ULg, ULg Fellow, Neuronal primary cilia's role in human obesity, UC San Francisco (UCSF) - Diabetes Center - Prof. Christian Vaisse
Mr. COMPAGNIE, Romain, ULg, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow GF, Computer Science, UC Los Angeles
Mr. COPPENS, Mathias, Other, Music Fellow, Scoring for Screen (film music), U of Southern California, Thornton School of Music
Mr. CUVELIER, Mats, UGent, van Itallie Fellow, LL.M.: Public International Law, NYU
Mr. CUYVERS, Stijn, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, MS in Integrated photonics and opto-electronics, Columbia U.
Dr. DECHÊNE, Antoine, ULg, ULg Fellow, Postdoc res: Project Narrative, The Metacognitive Mystery Tale, The Ohio State U., Dept of English - Prof. Brian McHale
Ms. DE CLERCK, Michèle, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, LL.M. in Competition and Intellectual Property Law, U of Pennsylvania
Ms. DE COCK DE RAMEYEN, Jade, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Intermedial Narrative in the film of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Albert Serra and ben Rivers", Yale U. - Department of Film and Media Studies - Dr. Dudley Andrew
Mr. DEHAES, Willem, KULeuven, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow GF, Computer Science and Journalism, Columbia U.
Ms. DELBARE, Hanne, UGent, Monique Walravens Fellow, International law, legal theory, research methods, U of Chicago
Mr. DELHEZ, Louis, ULg, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow GF, MS in Electrical & Computer engineering, UCLA
Mr. DEMEYER, Maurice, UGent, Honorary Fellow, Law, UC Berkeley
Mr./Dr. DE MIL, Tom, UGent, Léon Speeckaert Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Global change: sensitivity of North American trees, U. of Arizona, Laboratory of tree-ring research - Dr. Valerie Trouet Lab
Ms./Dr. DE MÛELENAERE, Nel, UA, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, History - CRB Foundation, Cornell U., Department of History - Prof. Sandra Greene
Mr. DE POORTER, Laurens , KULeuven, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow & CG, MBA, Harvard Business School
Ms. DE TAEYE, Lieselot, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Fictionality and Factuality in Congo Literature, UC Berkeley, Institute of European Studies - Prof. Jeroen Dewulf
Mr. DE TURCK, Johannes, KULeuven, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow & CG, MBA, Harvard Business School
Mr. DEVOLDER, Bram, KULeuven, Stibbe - Ludovic De Gryse Fellow, LL.M., Harvard U.
Dr. DEWAELE, Leonard, UGent, UGent Fellow, A Morphometric analysis of seal limb bones, George Mason U., VA, Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences Department, Prof dr. Mark D. Uhen
Mr. FASSIAUX, Sébastien, UCL, UCLouvain Fellow, Law, UC Berkeley
Mr. FLAMENT, Thomas, UCL, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. Corporation Law; Securities Law, Columbia U.
Mr. FUENTES VALENZUELA, Lucas, ULg, Honorary Fellow, PhD in Applied mathematics, Stanford U.
Ms./Dr. GOETHALS, Eveline, KULeuven, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Executive Functioning in Youth with Diabetes, Harvard Medical School, Joslin Diabetes Center, Section of Clinical, Behavioral and Outcomes Research in the Research Division -Prof. Dr. Lori Laffel
Mr. HAEGHEBAERT, Emiel, Other, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, MA in Security Studies, Georgetown U. School of Foreign Service
Ms. HENS, Isabelle, VUB, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Architectural Engineering, Penn State U. - Dept of Architectural Engineering
Mr. HISLAIRE, Julien, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Law, Human Rights and International Litigation, NYU
Mr. HOFMAN, Elwin, KULeuven, PDF, Postdoc res. Criminal Interrogation and Truth, 1750-1850, NYU, Department of History - Prof. Nicole Eustace
Mr./Dr. HUET, Benjamin, UCL, Albert & Evelyn Jadot Charitable Trust Fellow, 2D crystals growth for next generation electronics, Penn State U (PSU), Applied Research Laboratory, Materials Research Institute, Prof. David Snyder
Mr./Dr. HUYGHE, Filip, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Population genetics and biophysical modelling, UC Santa Cruz, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Long Marine Lab - Prof.Giacomo Bernardi
Ms. INGHELRAM, Helena, Other, Honorary Fellow, Business law, Columbia U.

Ms. KUNSTLER, Laura , Other, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, Master of International Affairs, Columbia U. SIPA
Mr. LECOMTE, Victor Cyril, UCL, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, in Computer Science, Columbia U.
Ms. LECOMTE, Carole, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, MA in Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School
Mr. MEEUS, Matthieu, KULeuven, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, MS Mechanical Engineering - Advanced Energy Systems, UC Berkeley & Harvard U.
Mr. MEEUS, Ludovic, UGent, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. broad field of corporate law and capital markets, U. of Chicago
Dr. MEUNIER, Félicien, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Louvain Fellow, Implementing Lianas in Ecosystem Demography model, Boston U., Dept of Earth and Environment - Prof Michael Dietze
Mr./Dr. MISSIAEN, Rindert, KULeuven, PDF, Metabolic adaptations in tumor microenvironment, U. of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Dept of Cell and Developmental Biology, Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute - Prof. Celeste Simon
Ms./Dr. MOHAMMED, Danahe, UMons, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Tuning cell migration through matrix orientation, Harvard U. , John A. Paulsen School of engineering, Experimental Soft Condensed Matter Group - Prof David Weitz
Ms. NASONOVA, Alexandra, Other, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, MBA, U of Chicago, Booth School of Business
Mr. PAPEN, Alexander, KULeuven, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow GF, MS in Transportation, MIT
Ms. PASTOR Y CAMASARA, Alicia, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Louvain Fellow, Constitutional transitions, U. of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Political Science, Research cluster 'Ambiguities of democracy' - Prof. Jamie Rowen
Ms. PEIFFER, Charlotte, ULg, Alumni Fellow, LL.M. Law, NYU
Mr. RADERMECKER, Oskar, ULB, Ernest du Bois Fellow, MS in Engineeering - Bioengineering, UC Berkeley

Mr. RAROU, Hamza, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Doc res. In Spatial production footprint & spatial econometrics, U. of Chicago, The Center for Spatial Data Science, supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anselin Luc.
Mr. RAUS, Bregt, UGent, Paul Vernel Fellow, LL.M., U of Chicago
Dr. RIGAUX, Maxim, UGent, PDF, Before the Royal Tomb: Juan Latino's Lyric Poetry, U. of Chicago, Dept of Romance Languages and Literatures - Dr Frederick de Armas
Mr./Dr. ROTTENBERG, François, UCL, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoc res. In Signal processing for 5G wireless communications, U. of Southern California, Los Angeles, Viterbi School of engineering - Prof. Andreas Molisch
Mr. THEUNISSEN, Kasper, UA, Collin-Wauters Fellow, Corporate and Financial Law, U of Chicago
Mr. TSOROJEV, Zaurbek, UCL, Sofina - Gustave Boël Fellow, MS in Electrical Engineering, UCLA
Ms. UMBACH, Marie, UCL, Paul Vernel Fellow, Constitutional law, human rights, legal theory, U of Chicago
Dr. VAN CAMP, Arthur, UGent, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc res :Choice functions as a tool to model uncertainty, Carnegie Mellon U., Department of Philosophy, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Prof. Teddy Seidenfeld
Ms. VAN CAUWENBERGE, Heleen, UGent, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. & International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Certificate, Georgetown U., Law Center
Mr. VANDENHAUTE, Sander, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, MS in Electrical Engineering, Columbia U.
Mr. VANDER ELST, Niels, UGent, UGent Fellow, Bacteriophage-endolysin candidate mastitis therapy, U. of Maryland, Insitute for Bioscience & Biotechnology research- Prof. Daniel Nelson
Dr. VAN DEUN, Jan, UGent, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Extracellular vesicles as cancer biomarkers, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Systems Biology - Prof Hyungsoon Im
Mr. VAN DE VELDE, Sebastiaan, VUB, BAEF-75 Fellow, Postdoc res: Biogeochemical modelling of the Paleo-ocean, U of California: Riverside - Department of Earth Sciences - Prof. Andy Ridgwell
Ms. VAN ESPEN, Evelien, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Alternative dispute resolution and human rights, U of Chicago
Dr. VANGOITSENHOVEN, Roman, KULeuven, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Bariatric surgery (obesity and type 2 diabetes), Cleveland Clinic - Metabolic Translational Research Center , Prof. John Kirwan
Mr./Dr. VANHAUWAERT, Roeland, KULeuven, PDF, Neuroscience, Parkinson's Disease, Stanford U. Medical Center, Dept of Neurosurgery, Xinnan Wang, M.D. laboratory.
Ms./Dr. VANHEER, Leen, KULeuven, Emile Boulpaep Fellow, Postdoc res. Plasmodium Falciparum malaria parasites, Weill Cornell Medicine, Microbiology & Immunology, assistant Prof. Björn F. C. Kafsack,
Mr. VANHOECKE, Jonathan, UGent, Baillet Latour Fund Fellow, PhD in Imaging and Informatics, UCS Keck School of Medicine
Dr. VAN OEKELEN, Oliver, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, in Medicine, bioinformatics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai,
Mr. VAN REGEMORTEL, Mathias, UA, PDF, Theoretical physics (Quantum physics), U. of Maryland, Joint Quantum Institute - Prof Mohammad Hafezi
Mr. VERHEYDEN, Thomas, UCL, Cleary Gottlieb Steen Hamilton Fellow, Law (antitrust, administrative, constitutional), U of Chicago.
Mr. VERNIMMEN, Jonas, KULeuven, Stibbe - Ludovic De Gryse Fellow, Constitutional Law; Education Law, Columbia U.
Dr. VERREYCKEN, Quentin, UCL, UCLouvain Fellow, Postdoc res. Political history of the Middle Ages, Harvard U., Dept of History - Prof Daniel L. Smail
Ms./Dr. VEUGELEN, Sarah, KULeuven, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Activation of neuroprotective microglia, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Department of Neuroscience , Friedman Brain Institute- Dr Anne Schaefer
Mr. VOS, Tom, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, LL.M.: Shareholder protection; corporate law; negotiation, Harvard U.
Dr. WIERTZ, Wendy, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral res. In art historical research war lace, Columbia U., Dept of Art History and Archaeology - Prof. Michael Cole
Ms. WILLE, Beatrijs, UGent, UGent Fellow, Sign Language research, reading and writing, UC San Diego, Dept of Linguistics - Prof. Rachel Mayberry and San Diego State U. , School of Speech, language and Hearing Sciences
Ms. WILLOCX, Louise, KULeuven, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, International & Constitutional Law; Legal Theory/ Continental Philosophy, Yale U.

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