For the academic year 2016-2017, the Belgian American Educational Foundation (B.A.E.F.) has provided fellowships to 83 individuals:

72 Belgian Fellows to study in the United States
10 American Fellows to study in Belgium
1 winner of the Alumni Award

The Fellows were selected competitively from a pool of brilliant applicants by a Fellowship Committee that interviews all candidates personally.

BAEF Fellows 2016


Belgian fellows 2016-2017 and American fellows 2015-2016, June 3, 2016

Mr. ADRIAENS, Wouter, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. law degree, U of Chicago
Mr. BEAUFAY, François, UNamur, Honorary Fellow, Post-doctoral research: Study of Polyphosphate homeostasis in Bacteria, U. of Michigan, Deparment of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Ursula Jakob lab,
Dr. BECKERS, Sander, KULeuven, H. Van Waeyenbergh of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Leuven Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Actual causation, Cornell U., Department of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence group- Prof. Joseph Halpern.
Ms. BECKERS, Lien, KULeuven, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoctoral research: ApoE in microglia as a disease regulator in MS, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital,Laboratory at Center for Neurologic Diseases, Prof. Dr. Oleg Butovsky
Mr. BORREMANS, Benny, UA, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Spillover of Leptospira from sea lions to foxes., UCLA, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Prof. Lloyd-Smith

Dr. BRANDENBOURGER, Martin, ULg, ULg Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Slender Structures Burrowing in a Complex Medium, Boston U., Dept of mechanical engineering - MOSS lab - Prof. D. Holmes
Mr. BRAUN, James, KULeuven, National Lottery Fellow, PhD: Development of efficient thermal power plants- Prof Guillermo Paniagua, Purdue U.
Dr. CALLEWAERT, Chris, UGent, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Body odor research, UC San Diego, School of Medicine , Prof. Dr. Rob Knight
Mr. CELIS, Roeland, None, Music Fellow, Jazz-guitar, Queens College - Aaron Copland School of Music, NY
Dr. CHAVEZ GARCIA, Marcelo, ULB, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Dissecting the Role of Intraflagellar Transport in Hedgehog Signaling, Stanford U. School of Medicine, Dept of Molecular and Cellular Physiology - Prof. Maxence V. Nachury
Dr. CORNET, Marie-Coralie, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Louvain Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Neonatal onset epilepsies, UC San Francisco, Department of Neonatal Neurology - Prof. MD Maria Roberta Cilio
Mr. COSSE, Augustin, UCL, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Mathematics, NYU, Courant Institute -Prof. Bruce Kleiner
Ms. DAVID, Géraldine, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Art and taxation, Yale U., School of Management, International Center for Finance - Prof. William Goetzmann
Mr. DEBAISIEUX, Sylvain, None, van Itallie Fellow, Jazz-Saxophone, The New School
Mr. DE ROO, Jonathan, UGent, Alumni Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Metal Nanocrystals for Catalysis of Renewables, Columbia U., Department of Chemistry, Prof. Jonathan Owen
Dr. DE WISPELAERE, Kristof, UGent, PDF, Postdoctoral research: Entropy sampling for zeolite-catalyzed reactions, Stanford U., SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Bligaard group embedded in SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis - Prof. Jens Nørskov
Ms. DI SPURIO, Laura, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Modern History of Childhood and Youth, UC Berkeley - Dept of history Center for Child and Youth Policy , Prof. Paula Fass
Ms. DONNAY, Laura, ULB, Paul Vernel Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Infinite-dimensional symmetries and black holes, Harvard U. , Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature - Prof. Andrew Strominger
Dr. DUPONT, Wannes, UA, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Postdoctoral research: History: Internationalizing the Lavender Scare, Yale U., Dept of History, Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities (YRIHS) -Prof. G. Chauncey
Ms. DURNEZ, Joke, UGent, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Improved power and reproducibility in neuroscience, Stanford U., Department of Psychology, Prof. Russell Poldrack
Mr. ETIENNE, Alain, ULB, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow, MS in Management Sciences, MIT-Sloan School of Management
Dr. EVERAERT, Jonas, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Interactions among risk factors for depression, Yale U., Dept of Psychology, Affect Regulation and Cognition (ARC) lab, Prof. Dr. Jutta Joormann
Mr. FERON, Dorian, ULB, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton Fellow, LL.M., Columbia U.

Mr. FOSSEPREZ, Elliott, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. in Corporate &Tax, Finance, Technology, Entertainment, U. of Chicago
Dr. FRANKEN, Tom, KULeuven, Emile Boulpaep Fellow, Postdoctoral research: on Multielectrode electrophysiology and optogenetics, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Systems Neurobiology Laboratories - Prof. John H. Reynolds
Dr. GOVERS, Sander, KULeuven, Francqui  Foundation Fellow, Postdoctoral research:Patterns and heterogeneity in bacterial growth, Yale U., Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology,Microbial Pathogenesis Section, Prof. Jacobs-Wagner Lab
Ms. GOYVAERTS, Cleo, VUB, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoctoral research:Explore and modulate intra-tumoral myeloid cells, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Oncological Science Department,The Tisch Cancer and Immunology Institute -Prof. Miriam Merad

Ms. GRYSEELS, Sophie, UA, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Natural history of the HIV-1 group M pandemic, U. of Arizona, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Prof. Dr. Worobey
Ms. HAVENNE, Maude, UCL, Firmin van Brée of the Hoover Foundation for the University of Louvain Fellow, doctoral research: Literature and cinema faced with globalization, Yale U., Film Studies Program - Prof. John MacKay
Dr. HERMANS, Tobias, UGent, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Simulated Objectivity in 19th-century music guides, Indiana U., Dept of Germanic Studies -
 Prof. Dr. Fritz Breithaupt

Mr. JACQMIN, Arnaud, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, LL.M., Columbia U.
Dr JANSEN, Sanne, KULeuven, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Postdoctoral research in Law: the organization of contractual remedies, Yale U and Columbia Law School, mentor Prof. Dr. Alejandro M. Garro.
Mr. JOUCKEN, Frédéric, UNamur, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc res on Ultrafast phenomena in complex materials, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Materials Science department, Ultrafast Phenomena in Complex Materials -Prof Dr Robert A. Kaindl
Ms. LECOMTE, Astrid, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, MA in International Relations & International Economics (2d yr), The Johns Hopkins University - Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies , SAIS D.C. campus in Washington D.C. (2016-2017)
Dr LEFEBVRE, Pauline, ULB, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Tracing Pragmatist Architects at Work, Columbia U.,
Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture - Prof. Reinhold Martin
Dr. LOUCKX, Kaat, UGent, UGent Fellow, Postdoctoral research: historical sociology, history of statistics,  U of Chicago, Department of Sociology, Prof. Abbotts
Ms. MAJCHERCZYK, Nathalie, ULB, Albert & Evelyn Jadot Charitable Trust Fellow, PhD in Robotics Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mr. MALENGREAUX, Gil, UGent, UGent Fellow, MS in Management, Supply chain engineering, cognitive analytics, Georgia Insitute of Technology
Ms. MEEUS, Camille, ULB, Gustave Boël -Sofina Fellowship MBA, MBA- Marketing, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University
Ms. MONSIEURS, Elise, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Doctoral research: Rainfall thresholds for landslides in Africa, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Hydrological Sciences Laboratory, Prof. D Kirschbaum
Dr. NIYONZIMA, Innocent, ULg, ULg Fellow, Development of multiscale-multiphysical models, Columbia U., Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Prof. Jacob Fish.
Mr. NOLET DE BRAUWERE VAN STEELAND, Charles, UCL, Gustave Boël -Sofina Fellowship MBA &CG, MBA, MIT-Sloan School of Management
Mr. PEETERS, Frédéric, UA, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. in Corporate, Financial & Economic Law, UC Berkeley
Mr. PEYSKENS, Frédéric, UGent, BAEF-75 Fellow, Postdoctoral research: on-chip quantum photonics, MIT, Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Research Lab of Electronics; Quantum Photonics Lab. -
Prof Dirk Englund

Mr. POCHET, Corentin, ULB, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC San Diego
Dr. PROESMANS, Sam, UA, Philips Fellow, Master of Public Health, Columbia U., Mailman School of Public Health
Mr. PROPS, Ruben, UGent, Gustave Boël - Sofina Fellow, Doctoral research: Freshwater microbial ecology, U. of Michigan, Laboratory of Microbial Evolutionary Ecology - Prof. Vincent Denef
Ms. RAYÉE, Jasmine, UGent, van Itallie Fellow, LL.M. International legal studies, Columbia U.
Mr. ROES, Timothy, KULeuven, KULeuven Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Federal fidelity between States, NYU Law School
, the Global Fellows Program - Mr Un Kyung Park
Mr. ROSOLEN, Gilles, UMons, PDF, Postdoctoral research: Polaritons and plasmons for photonic integration, MIT - Photonics and Modern Electro-Magnetics Group, Prof. Marin Soljacic

Ms. SALLETS, Adrienne, UCL, UCLouvain Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Immunotherapy for cancer, Stanford U., School of Medicine, Div. Oncology - Prof. R. Levy
Ms. SEGERS, Hannelore, UGent, National Lottery Fellow, PhD in Classical Philology, Harvard U
Mr. SIMOENS, Bert, UA, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. in Financial and Corporate Law, Columbia U.

Dr. SOMERS, Stefan, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoctoral research in Law / legal philosophy / federalism, Columbia School of Law, Internaitional and Comparative Law Programs  - Prof. A Kolker
Mr. STAES, Toon, UA, Collin-Wauters Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Narrative theory, Ohio State U., Dept of English - Prof. Sean O'Sullivan
Dr. STYFHALS, Willem, KULeuven, Cabeaux-Jacobs Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Religious Nihilism, Yale U. - Dept of Germanic Languages and Literatures - Prof. Kirk Wetters
Dr. THEUNISSEN, Cédric, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Asymmetric Synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles, Columbia U., Dept of Chemistry - Prof. Tosmilav Rovis
Ms. TIGNER, Camille, ULg, Ernest du Bois Fellow, PhD in Environmental Fluid Mechanics & Hydrology, Stanford U.
Ms. TOURNAYE, Aude, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, MA in Modern Art: Critical and Curatorial Studies, Columbia U.
Dr. VAN BOGAERT, Noémi, UGent, UGent Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Exploring virus diversity in aquatic plants, U of South Florida, Faculty of Biological Oceanography, Marine Genomics Lab, Dr. Mya Breitbart
Ms. VAN DEN BRANDE, Deborah, UGent, UGent Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Comparative and German Literature, Drama Studies, Columbia U., German and Comparative Literature Dept, Prof. Andreas Huyssen
Mr. VAN DEN BRANDE, Niko, VUB, Monique Walravens Fellow, Postdoctoral research: The glass phase of organic electronic materials, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, Dept of Chemistry,Molecular mobility and structure of amorphous materials, Prof. Mark Ediger
Ms. VAN STEENKISTE, Gwendolyn, UA, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Postdoctoral research: Mapping the developing connectome, U. of Washington, School of Medicine, Depts. of Pediatrics and Bioengineering, Biomedical Image Computing Group -Prof. Colin Studholme, expert in fetal brain imaging.
Mr. VAN THIENEN, Vince, UGent, UGent Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Science and theory in anthropological archaeology, Yale U. , Dept of Anthropology - Dr Thomas Fenn

Dr. VERCRUYSSE, Dries, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Nanophotonics, Stanford U., Electrical engineering, Nanoscale and Quantum Photonics Lab of Jelena Vuckovic
Mr. VERHEYDEN, Maxime, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, LL.M., Harvard U.
Mr. VERHEYEN, Thomas, UGent, Stibbe - Ludovic De Gryse Fellow, LL.M. in common law, torts, legal theory, legal philosophy, Yale U.
Mr. VERHULST, Andrea, UCL, UCLouvain Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Elderly Longevity in Latin America, UCLA, California Center for Population Research - Prof. Heuveline and Beltrán-Sánchez

Ms. VERREET, Tine, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Mitochondrial functions in development, U. of South Carolina, Dept of Biological Sciences, Prof. Fabienne Poulain
Mr. VERTESSEN, Raf, Other, Music Fellow, Jazz -drums, The New School
Mr. VLEMINCKX, Jason, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Herbivores and habitat specialization by plants, UC Berkeley, Dept of Integrative Biology - Prof. Paul Fine
Ms. VOSSAERT, Liesbeth, UGent, Honorary Fellow, Postdoctoral research: Non-invasive cell-based prenatal diagnosis, Baylor College of Medicine, Dept of Molecular and Human Genetics - Prof. Arthur Beaudet

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