Mr BADA, Benjamin, ULg, ULg Fellow, L.L.M. International and Comparative Law, Tulane U.
Dr. BOSSUYT, Wouter, KULeuven, Desiré Collen Fellow, Postdoc. res. Biomedical: Tumor suppressor genes, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Ms CAESENS, Elisabeth, KULeuven, Paul Vernel Fellow, L.L.M. in Human rights, Columbia Law School
Dr CLAERHOUT, Sofie, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Biomedical: Mechanisms underlying autophagy, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, U.Texas
Mr CULOT, Louis, UCL, LLM, LLM Philosophy of law, NYU
Mr DAENEN, Philip, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, L.L.M. in Financial and Tax law, U. of Pennsylvania
Dr. DE BUYL, Sophie, ULB, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc. res. in String and M-theories infinite dimensional, UC. Santa Barbara
Ms DECLERCK, Ine, VUB, Hoover Brussels Fellow, LLM International legal
LLM in International legal studies, NYU"
Dr. DE COENSEL, Bert, UGent, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc. res. Soft computing and artificial intelligence, UC Berkeley
Dr. DE HONTHEIM, Astrid, ULB, Hoover Brussels Fellow, Exorcism performed by Missionaries in the South Pacific, UC San Diego
Dr. DE JONGHE, Olivier, UGent, UGent Fellow, Banking system stability, US financial institutions, U. of Florida
Dr. DE KEERSMAECKER, Kim, KULeuven, Desiré Collen Fellow, Postdoc. Res.Biomedical:T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Columbia U. Institute for Cancer Genetics
Dr. DEMEYER, Lot, Other, Music Fellowship, DMA Oboe  Performance, U. of Southern California,Thornton School of Music
Ms DE MOL, Lena, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, PhD in Linguistics, State University of New York at Buffalo
Mr DE PEUTER, David, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, L.L.M. Corporate and Competition law, Harvard Law School
Mr. DE RUYT, Laurent, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, MA International relations, Johns Hopkins U. S.A.I.S.
Dr. DETOURNAY, Stéphane, UMH, Honorary Fellow, High energy  physics, string theory,, UC Santa Barbara - Kavli Institute
Dr. DHOOGE, Ben, UGent, Paul Vernel Fellow, Russian literature and literary linguistics, U. of Southern California
Dr DIDRICHE, Keevin, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Chemistry: Spectroscopy of protonated water clusters, UC. Berkeley
Mrs DUCARME, Diane, ULB, Honorary Fellow, MBA, Harvard Business School
Mrs DURY, Sandrine, UCL, Conditional Grant Fellow, MBA & MS in renewable energy, Stanford GSB
Dr. DUVAL, Valerie, ULg, ULg Fellow, Microbiology, bacterial physiology and antibiotic resistance, Tufts U.
Ms ERNOTTE, Ann, FUNDP, Honorary Fellow, MA of Accounting, Ohio State U.
Mr. GEENS, Aart, KULeuven, Emile Boulpaep Fellow, MA. International Relations  (2nd yr), Johns Hopkins U. SAIS
Dr. GOOLAERTS, Arnaud, ULB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Respiratory Pathophysiology, UCSF
Ms HEMPTINNE, Coralie, FPMs, Honorary Fellow, MBA, Wharton School/INSEAD
Dr. HENDRICKX, Julien, UCL, Firmin van Brée Fellow of the Hoover Foundation for UCL, Postdoc.res. Information and decision Systems (LIDS), MIT
Dr. HERMAN, Leslie, ULB, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Physical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Ms KONINGS, Natalie, UCL, Honorary Fellow, L.L.M. Corporate and Securities law, Harvard Law School
Dr. KREINS, Alexandra, ULB, Honorary Fellow, PhD in Immunolog
Immunology or Genetics of Complex Diseases, Weill Cornell Medical College"
Dr. KUSTERS, Joke, UA, F. Collin - Luc Wauters Fellow, Postdoc. Res. Legal Anthropology: religious Jewish law, Yeshiva University
Mr. KUYKEN, Bart, UGent, National Lottery Fellow, MS Electrical Engineering, Stanford U.
Dr. LANSBERG, Jean-Philippe, ULg, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoc. Res. in Particle Physics, Stanford U.,Stanford Linear Accelarator Center
Ms. LANTSOGHT, Eva, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, MS Civil Engineering- Structural engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. LETESSON, Quentin, UCL, Firmin van Brée Fellow of the Hoover Foundation for UCL, Postdoc. res. in Minoan Architecture and urbanism, Bryn Mawr College
Ms. LINDEMANS, Katrien, KULeuven, Cleary Gottlieb Steen Hamilton fellowship, L.L.M. Corporate Governance
Corporate and Financial law, Stanford Law School"
Ms. LYBAERT, Fauve, KULeuven, H. Van Waeyenbergh Fellow of the Hoover Foundation -KULeuven, Philosophy: personal identity and selfconsciousness, Boston College
Dr. MAERE, Steven, UGent, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Computational Genomics, UC Berkeley
Ms. MAES, Emilie, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, L.L.M. in economic analysis of criminal law, U. of Chicago
Dr. MAON, François, UCL, Honorary Fellow, pre-doc. Res. In Corporate Social Responsibility, Georgetown U.
Mr. MARNEFFE, Julien, UCL, Francqui Foundation Fellow, MA. or PhD in Conflict Resolution, Georgetown U.
Dr. MAVROPOULOS, Anastasia, ULg, Desiré Collen Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Biomedical: Pancreatic beta cells, UC San Francisco
Dr. MERCKX, Vincent, KULeuven, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Molecular Ecology of Mycorrhiza & myco-heterotrophic plants, UC Berkeley
Dr. NISET, Julien, ULB, Albert & Evelyn Jadot Charitable Trust Fellow, Physics: Foundation of Quantum Mechanics, City University of New York-Hunter College
Dr. ORBAN DE XIVRY, Jean-Jacques, UCL, Firmin van Brée Fellow of the Hoover Foundation for UCL, Biomedical Engineering: Computational motor control, Johns Hopkins U.
Dr. PANIER, Frédéric, UCL, Honorary Fellow, PhD in Economics, Stanford U.
Mr. PARISIS, Gauthier, KULeuven, Hoover UCL Fellow, L.L.M. in Tax law & Corporate law, Harvard U.
Dr. PRINCEN, Savina, UCL, Honorary Fellow, Pre-doc. Res. In corporate Taxation, UC Berkeley
Dr. REMANS, Roseline, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc res.Tropical Agriculture, Columbia U.
Dr. RONGY, Laurence, ULB, Fonds David & Alice Van Buuren Fellow, Postdoc. res. in non-linear Dynamics and Fluid mechanics, Harvard U.
Mr. ROSKAM, Mathieu, Other, van Itallie Fellow, M. of Music Clarinet, Manhattan School of Music
Ms. RYCKAERT, Nathalie, UA, Francqui Foundation Fellow, LL.M. in Corporate Law & Governance, NYU
Dr. SAVEYN, An, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Physiological Plant ecology, UC Berkeley
Dr. SPRANGERS, Ben, KULeuven, Désiré Collen Fellow, Biomedical: Glomerular disease of transplanted kidneys, Columbia U., Div. Nephrology
Mr. STANDAERT, Samuel, UGent, Ugent Fellow, MA in international or development economics, Boston U.
Mr. STAS, Karl, VUB, National Lottery Fellow, LLM in International Law, U. of Michigan
Dr STRUBBE, Diederik, UA, Phillips Fellow, res. on habitat distribution of invasive alien species, Stony Brook U.
Mr SWERTS, Thomas, KULeuven, BAEF-75 Fellow, PhD in Sociology, U. of Chicago
Mr. TEERLINCK, Gilles, UGent, Honorary Fellow, LL.M. Business and Financial Law, UC Berkeley
Ms. VAN ACKER, Patricia, VUB, Conditional grant, MBA including healthcare major, Wharton U
Ms. VAN BESIEN, Sophie, UGent, Honorary Fellow, L.L.M. Intellectual property rights, Columbia Law School
Dr VANDENBROUCKE, Arne, UGent, Henri Benedictus Fellow of the King Baudouin Foundation, Res. in Medical Imaging: positron emission tomography, Stanford U. (2d yr)
Ms. VANDENDORPE, Florence, UCL, Honorary Fellow, pre-doc. Research  in Anthropology/folklore studies, U. Wisconsin-Madison
Ms. VANDENDRIESSCHE, Elke, UGent, Francqui Foundation Fellow, L.L.M. Corporate and financial market law, U.of Chicago- Law School
Ms. VAN DEN HAUTE, Tine, UGent, UGent Fellow, L.L.M. in Corporate law, NYU
Ms VAN DEN KIEBOOM, Julie, UA, Honorary Fellow, M.A. Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences, Columbia U.
Dr. VAN DER AUWERA, Géraldine, UCL, van Itallie Fellow, Res. in Microbiology: Signaling among bacteria, Harvard Medical School
Dr. VAN EERDENBRUGH, Bernard, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Pharmaceutical technology, Princeton U.
Mr. VAN HOOF, Tom, KULeuven, Honorary Fellow, L.L.M. in Corporate & Financial law, U. of Pennsylvania
Mr. VANHOVE, Pieter, KULeuven, Francqui Foundation Fellow, MA in Italian Studies, Columbia U.
Ms. VAN LOO, Ellen, UGent, Ugent Fellow, MS-PhD in Food Science, U. of Arkansas
Mr. VAN RIE, Ward, VUB, Hoover Foundation Brussels Fellow, LLM, U. of Chicago
Mr. VANSTEENKISTE, Axel, UGent, UGent Fellow, M. of Architecture, U. of Pennsylvania
Dr. VERNIERS, Isabel, UGent, UGent Fellow, pre-doctoral research in Marketing, Duke U.
Mr. VERVISCH, Michaël, KULeuven, Karel Vinck Award, MBA, Harvard BS
Ms. VLIETINCK, Tine, UGent, Honorary Fellow, L.L.M. in corporate and securities law, NYU
Mr. WALPOT, Wim, KULeuven, Conditional Grannt, MBA (2yrs), Wharton BS - U. of Pennsylvania
Dr ZENON, Alexandre, UCL, Francqui Foundation Fellow, Postdoc. res. in Neuroscience, Salk Institute

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